Upload Images and descriptions of the items you wish to sell.

  • 2| PICK UP

    Once approved, we will contact you to schedule a pick up time.

  • 3| CLEAN & STORE

    We wash & take images of all items before carefully storing them.

  • 4| GET PAID

    Once your item is sold, You will instantly receive a revenue share.


How does the submission process work?

To submit furniture for sale on Sirdab, please complete our submission form. Our team will review and confirm your submission.

How much does it cost to have my furniture picked up?

We offer free of charge pickup within Kuwait.

What kinds of items can sirdab accept?

Sirdab accepts pre-owned furniture that meets our standards for quality and durability. Furniture must be assembled and stay assembled prior to submission and pickup. Items may be rejected during pickup if we find that your form submission does not accurately reflect the current condition of the item, or if there are mechanical issues, structural damage or missing parts that we were previously unaware of.

We cannot accept:

- Fast furniture, including items made of particleboard or pressed wood

- Fragile items, including marble or large panes of glass

- Items with significant discoloration, fading, staining, or scratches

- Cribs and changing tables

- Outdoor furniture

- Furniture that has been part of a product recall

- Disassembled furniture

- Electronics

- Household appliances

- Mattresses, box springs, or bedding

- Sleeper sofas where the mattress does not detach from the bed

- Oversized items such as bulk storage cabinets, bunk beds, oversized dressers, etc.

- Wall-mounted items (except for decor)

- Items with major mechanical issues, structural damage, or missing parts

- Items that have been left outside

How do i make money?

You'll automatically earn a revenue share based on the price your item has been sold for.

900KD or more You earn 55%

600-899 KD You earn 50%

300-599 KD You earn 35%

150-299 KD You earn 25%

80-149 KD You earn 20%

30-79 KD You earn 16%

1-29 KD You earn 10%

Our algorithm looks at your item's brand and condition alongside other market data to set its price on Sirdab. Prices decrease over time to help attract buyers.

Who owns the furniture?

Ownership of your items is transferred to Sirdab once your pickup appointment has been completed. By providing furniture, you agree to our Provision Agreement.

Once we receive your furniture, we clean, photograph, and do our absolute best to maintain and monetize each piece.

How does Sirdab’s approval process work?

We review every submission to determine each item’s quality, value, and market demand. Provide as much information as possible about your item during the submission process, as this will give it a higher potential resale value. Include photos of tags that help validate your item, if available.

What happens once Sirdab has approved my items for pickup?

Once we approve your items, we will reach out to you to confirm a date for your appointment. 

What happens after my pickup appointment?

Each item is taken to our warehouse for processing, which includes professional cleaning and high-resolution photography. This process can take up to 3 weeks depending on the item.

Every item is listed for a total of 4 months. Listings generally begin at 30% to 50% off of their original retail value, and continue to be discounted over time using our proprietary pricing algorithm for a maximum discount up to 90%. The level of discount is determined by the condition of the item and how much customer interest we see on site.

After 4 months, we may continue to list an item at our discretion. If you wish to have your items back after this time, you may do so for our standard delivery fee. If not, we’ll donate the item to a local charity for you.

Can I have my items back?

If our product team decides to retire any of your items, we will get in touch with you. We can deliver the item back including a standard delivery fee. If this is not of interest, we can donate or recycle the items for you.

Please note, Sirdab owns your items once they have been submitted and picked up. We cannot return your items unless we decide to retire them. We urge you not to submit any items you might want back in the future, as it is rare we retire items.